Maize Quest® Corn Mazes

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Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze - West Union, SC

Giant Corn Maze

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure. Inside our 5-acre Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze, you will find twisting pathways, questions and answers, and picture rubbings. It's a maze, it's a game, it's educational, and it's FUN!

Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group sharing experiences. The maze is the ultimate experience because you are lost and must work through the challenge together. This will allow you to share the victory together.

GET LOST in the giant maze! Challenge the twisting pathways. Complete the word games and have fun collecting picture rubbings that go with the theme. Become a maze master!

A trip to Little Cane Creek Farm is more than just a 'walk in the stalks'. There's so much to do, you may forget you're lost!

2017 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2017

Our corn maze features a new theme every year. Our 2017 corn maze is an acre bigger than past years and features the Wild West Adventure! Find the WILD in a journey through the short-lived taming of the American West.

Flashlight Nights

Flashlight Nights in the Corn MazeBe sure to visit us at night for Flashlight Nights - a totally unique experience in the maze! Come try our maze in the dark for a different twist - but be sure to bring a flashlight in case you "get lost"! Flashlights are also available for purchase. Check our Facebook page for special Flashlight Night dates.

Past Corn Mazes

2016 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2016

2016 featured the First Responders corn maze - honoring those who are among the first to arrive and assist at the scene of an emergency. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and others who serve - we appreciate you!

2014 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2014

2014 featured the Noah's Ark corn maze! "Climb aboard" the ark and learn about animals, the great flood, and the ark.

2013 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2013

In 2013, we set sail to Polynesia for an ISLAND ADVENTURE as visitors learned about the islands of the Pacific Rim. Maze explorers had to watch out for the tiki-masked shaman dancing in the maze with his tribesman on the way to the volcano!

2012 Corn Maze

Corn Maze 2012

We celebrated our inaugural corn maze with a "Racin' Razorbacks" maze adventure theme as homage to the mascot of Walhalla High School. Go Razors!! Thanks to all that made our first year a success!

Maze & Fun Park Attractions

Flashlight nights in the maze - West Union, SC